Family Counselling

Family Counselling

Support For Families

Family members are impacted by substance abuse just as much as the person who abuses alcohol and drugs and more often than not, the impact is greater. As such, we believe family members can benefit from counselling at any stage of their loved one’s addiction. Oftentimes, family members need support once the individual is in recovery but seldom do they get professional help because they think that if their loved one just stops the behaviour, everything will go back to "normal". This is a common misconception.

Hasu eCounselling™ provides online video, phone and text counselling for parents, spouses and other family members impacted by someone's use of alcohol or drugs. Experienced addiction specialists can help support the family in finding ways to support their loved one from the comfort of their home through online counselling.

Healthcare Technology

"Hasu eCounselling™ is a PHIPA- and PIPEDA-compliant online healthcare platform and mobile app that provides therapeutic services through secure video, phone and text."

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Hasu Behavioural Health connects Canadians struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse with an online therapist quickly and at half the cost of face-to-face therapy.

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