Family Counselling

Family Counselling

Support For Families

Family members are impacted by substance abuse just as much as the person who abuses alcohol and drugs and more often than not, the impact is greater. As such, we believe family members can benefit from counselling at any stage of their loved one’s addiction. Oftentimes, family members need support once the individual is in recovery but seldom do they get professional help because they think that if their loved one just stops the behaviour, everything will go back to "normal". This is a common misconception.

Hasu eCounselling™ provides online video, phone and text counselling for parents, spouses and other family members impacted by someone's use of alcohol or drugs. Experienced addiction specialists can help support the family in finding ways to support their loved one from the comfort of their home through online counselling.

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What to do after your family member is discharged from treatment

Family Therapy

It is imperative that when your family member completes an addiction treatment program, they continue to receive counselling in order to maintain their sobriety. However, obstacles such as transportation, cost and residence in geographically remote locations prevent them from obtaining aftercare.

Online counselling is affordable, accessible and has been proven to be effective in maintaining sobriety in recovery. Hasu eCounselling™ offers an online aftercare group for those who have completed an addiction treatment program. A mobile texting recovery program using Unlimited Text Therapy is also available.

Online Aftercare Group

Hasu eCounselling™ addiction specialists facilitate a weekly group session for family members who have completed an addiction treatment program. Hasu addiction specialists are experienced, vetted healthcare professionals registered with their provincial regulatory body and are part of the Hasu Provider Network.

"The research literature suggests that offering a combination of services after discharge from primary treatment may represent the best practice if long-term abstinence is to be expected."

Psychiatry Journal, 2014

"Implementing a mobile texting recovery program offers several advantages over traditional-based approaches currently in place, including personalization and targeted engagement, increased convenience; enhanced and monitoring; greater flexibility of service delivery in terms of frequency and timing; and requiring minimal financial resources to maintain."

Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 2014

Hasu Online Aftercare Group

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Healthcare Technology

"A new company called Hasu has pushed the telehealth envelope by providing a platform for addiction counselling. Persons suffering from drug, gambling or sexual addictions can see a counsellor online, at their convenience."

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Hasu Behavioural Health connects Canadians struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse with an online therapist quickly and at half the cost of face-to-face therapy.

If you are experiencing a medical or mental health emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

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