Unlimited Text Therapy

Unlimited Text Therapy

What is Unlimited Text Therapy?

Text CounsellingUnlimited Text Therapy from Hasu eCounselling™ is asynchronous messaging which allows you to message your personal therapist whenever you need. Using a secure 'room', as often as necessary, you will receive a daily response from your personal therapist and a comprehensive summary once a week.

Hasu eCounselling™ providers are experienced healthcare professionals registered/certified with their provincial regulatory body. Hasu therapists have at least five years’ experience counselling clients with mental health and substance abuse issues.

One of the many benefits of Unlimited Text Therapy is constant contact with your therapist when you're dealing with thoughts or emotions that may sabotage your recovery. You will receive a text from your therapist in response to what you sent over the course of the day. Once a week, your therapist will prepare and send an in-depth therapeutic response. Goal-setting will be established in a detailed response based on all of the messages you posted during the week. You will always be able to see past messages and keep them as reminders.

Unlimited Text Therapy is also an effective tool if you have completed an addiction treatment program and need help in maintaining your sobriety with an addiction counsellor.

Our therapists are caring and compassionate professional therapists who provide quality therapy without judgement.

Get started for $29/week*

*$116 charged upon booking with a therapist, recurring monthly. We require 7 days notice to process the cancellation of your account. Insurance receipts available upon request.

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